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PostPosted: Fri 24 Jan, 2020 1:49 am 
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Like the hairdresser who said if I kept crimping my hair I'd go bald.

PostPosted: Fri 24 Jan, 2020 5:43 am 
First Secretary of State

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Sky'sGoneOut wrote:
howsillyofme1 wrote:
The media though has decided Long-Bailey is not acceptable and she has suffered some terrible abuse already, but of course this is allowed as she is a left winger.

Ok look, I don't want to be coming across as a confrontational dick but this is just nonsense. I've been a critic of Rebecca Long-Bailey not because of her political views (many of which I share) but because she's fucking hopeless. As an observer of politics from outside the Labour Party she is by a country mile the least able candidate in the leadership election. Every single appearance on TV, whether it be Newsnight or Question Time or just the bog standard news she is awful. Not a single thought of her own, just pre-prepared responses and ideological utterances, like someone cloned Corbyn's brain and installed it in a less appealing robot. All that would be needed to defeat her would be the Tories employing a young William Shatner to confuse her about love.

I find this dismissal of someone with her background and achievement as 'not able' arrogant dismissal.

The media sets up people as acceptable or not acceptable and that transfers even to people like Harry and Meghan who have also seen themselves deemed beyond the pale.

I am not saying she is the best candidate or that she should win - but she is being portrayed as being a puppet being played by the likes of McCluskey, McDonnell and Corbyn. If you do not find this misogynistic and offensive then that is up to you.

There is a tendency to ignore the flagrant abuse of people on the left (whether Corbyn, Abbott and Long-Bailey) whilst also emphasising that for people like Phillips, Berger and the others. The message is always the same 'not able', 'stupid', 'speak in ideological soundbites', 'pre-prepared responses', 'not a thought of their own' - have you ever stood back and thought that these utterances do make you look a bit of a dick as you say it (sorry to be confrontational)

The last thing the establishment want is to see someone from the left in a position where they may actually win an election - look at the abuse that Sanders is receiving in the US from within his own party to the benefit of Biden, and the abuse thrown at AOC (very similar towards used to the ones you have used to describe Long-Bailey.

The world does not need another centrist non-entity like Biden any more than it needs a Trump - power is in the hands of the extreme right through to the moderate right. There is no left wing in power anywhere. We need a left-wing disruptor and quickly if we are to even start to challenge the model we have now that is not working. No wonder the young voted Labour overwhelmingly because they are petrified that there is no future for them.

I actually see positives in all 3 Labour candidates and only wish Pidcock had been able to stand. Starmer may be the best hope if he can stay true to the left - unfortunately he has some pretty unpleasant people around him such as Akehurst who wants to destroy any vestige of left wing politics. I was at Uni with one of the founders of Progress (and Blair's pal Ruth Turner was there too) - I know what drives these people, and I can tell you it has nothing to do with anything but their own aggrandisement.

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