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Sleep Well Workshop.

Posted: Fri 09 Nov, 2018 1:40 am
by Sky'sGoneOut
Ok so I went to one of these tonight, it's provided through the NHS so is obviously free and obviously popular because the place was packed with about 60 people in a little room.

It lasted 2 hours and was pretty basic sleep advice, from telling people not to mess about with their phones in bed to stress relief techniques. It was fine, the two women who ran it were perfectly competent and lovely. It was a wholly worthy affair.

The problem came afterwards when I talked to them about my own fucked up sleep problems. Both of them knew what I was talking about when I explained the symptoms and both said I needed specific treatment and they could talk to my GP. 'Yay' I thought 'finally'.

But no, even with a referral from my GP to a sleep specialist they informed me it would still cost about £100 a session as it wouldn't be covered by the NHS.

So I'm afraid this insanely tired wreck of a human being is going to be with you for a while.

Re: Sleep Well Workshop.

Posted: Fri 16 Nov, 2018 2:03 am
by Sky'sGoneOut
Just to follow up on that if anyone else is in a similar boat to me.

They were right. The sleep therapy that existed before on the NHS is now entirely provided by the private sector.

My therapist put me in touch with a guy who she said would accept 'a contribution' so I entered into an email haggle and the lowest I could get him down to was £30 a session. I tried to explain that was more than my food budget for an entire week but to be fair he provided counter arguments about having to pay rent and staff. He seemed a decent bloke. But I can't afford to pay that and he apparently can't afford to accept any less.

I saw a CBT sleep specialist about 15 years ago on the NHS, so for those claiming it isn't being privatised here's just one example where it is.

The Tories like to say that despite bringing in the private sector treatment is still free, that may be true if you break your leg, but they've been chipping away at the rest without a lot of people noticing.