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Britain First.

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I lived with one of them briefly in my last house. He was a sad inadequate cunt who blamed all his woes on everyone but himself.

He claimed that without Muslim immigration into this country he'd have had a job and a house and a wife and happy kids.

I pointed out to him that he was a useless stoner in his mid forties who'd wasted every opportunity offered to him and as such his position was his own fucking fault.

But he wasn't having it. They never do. It's never their fault.

There was also a 'Britain First' forum on Freeforums when I set up the original rubbish version of this. I visited it a couple of times before being banned and these people were fantasising about murdering 'the left' even then. I reported them for hate speech and threats of violence along with a number of others but it took 7 months to close their forum down.

I've tried to warn people about these fuckers for years, maybe now somebody will listen, or as usual with the far right we'll be expected to believe this piece of shit was just an unhinged individual acting on his own without any outside influences at all.