U-turns, Cock-ups, & Other Conservative Nastiness

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U-turns, Cock-ups, & Other Conservative Nastiness

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Evil Prevails Whilst Good Men Stay Silent

A few of the Coalition promises, of which the odd one seems to have been broken.

1. No frontline cuts
2. Protecting the NHS budget
3. 3,000 more police officers
4. Keeping VAT at 17.5%
5. Keeping the Future Jobs Fund
6. Keeping Education Maintenance Allowances
7. Preserving tax credits for middle earners
8. Removing the “couple penalty”
9. Scrapping tuition fees
10. No bonuses for bank directors
11. 3,000 more midwives
12. Three more army battalions
13. Pupil Premium additional to the schools budget
14. Keeping Child Benefit universal
15. Stopping A&E and maternity closures
16. A Post Office Bank
17. No new nuclear power stations
18. Removing high marginal tax rates
19. No cuts to the Royal Navy
20. Automatic prison sentence for carrying a knife
21. Cutting rail fares each year
22. Keeping the Child Trust Fund for the poorest families
23. No more top down NHS reorganisations
24. No cuts to public spending this year

Misguided, or Just Plain Nasty & U-turns

Public Health Committee set up by Coalition - scrapped.
DWP refuses to release names of companies participating in Workfare.
Peers will only take retirement for a golden handshake of £40,000
Privatising educational services for disabled children. £26 billion sell off.
Free school milk cuts.
Cancelled School building.
New build schools to be smaller.
Sellling off school playing fields.
Bookstart funding.
Child benefit cuts.
Student fees.
NHS sell off.
Failure to show NHS risk register.
Osborne takes a billion pounds from NHS.
Cancer patients made to work.
Cutting funding in the community.
£2 an hour apprenticeship scheme.
Slashed regeneration benefits
Housing benefit stopped for under 25s.
Domestic Violence protection orders.
Annonymity for rape defendents.
Coast Guard cuts.
State retirement age for Women.
Bedroom Tax.
Moving housing benefit recipients out of London.
Easing building regs for fire and wheelchair access.
Rise in food banks.
Assault payouts.
Knife crime sentencing
DNA database.
Privatising Police.
Privatising probation service.
Prisoners to man call centres.
Sacking troops.
Getting rid of Legal Aid.
Destroying Buzzard's nests.
Badger Cull.
Selling off Forests.

Foot in Mouth

Osborne: Suggests swopping labour rights for shares.
Osborne: Says closed curtains hiding scroungers.
Osborne: accused Ed of lying. Refused to apologise.
Osborne: Rail fare cheat.
May: asylum seeker's cats.
Maude and petrol crisis.
Stephen Hammond critising tax avoiders, & doing the same.
IDS fibbed about qualifications.
Tory minister: party needs to look like it's on the side of striving blue collar workers.
Philip Lee: wants patients to be given itemised lists of cost of treatment.
Ian Duncan Smith: wants two children only for FA.
Cameron: calm down dear.
Cameron: Ed Ball. Tourettes.
Cameron: Going to cut Tariffs.
Pensioners to do charity work for their pensions.
Mitchell: fucking plebs.

David Ammes. Expenses
Baroness Warsi. Expenses
Laws. Expenses
Chappes/Green. Dodgy business practises
Chris Heaton-Harris colluding, collaborating with Delapole.
Hunt and Murdoch.
Gove's lost emails.
IDS facing code of conduct over lobbying company
Liley. Scoffs at global warming, Family ties to oil. Given job in Dept environment industry.
Fox and Werrity.
Peter Cruddas selling suppers at Dave's.
Military lobbying.
PM's emails kept back from Levison.
ATOS found to be misleading government.
Osborne pushes for UK to be wordwide hub for fossil fuels. Father-in-law is head of lobbying company for oil and gas.
Serco's out-of-hours doctor services in Cornwall falsified data to the NHS.
Financial services spent £94 million on lobbying. Consequently, corporation tax slashed. Not for profit Pension scheme for low paid and part time workers nuetured and a plan for new corporate watchdog to police quoted companies killed.

Careless, inept and U-Turns.
Border Agency Crisis.
Exam fiasco.
Circus animal ban.
Pasty Tax.
Caravan Tax.
Charity Tax.
Build a Conservatory.
Dave promising cheaper tariffs.
Gove forgetting number of playing fields.
Gove hiding emails.
Rail contracts West Coast Mainline.
Ash tree dieback.
Petrol tax: U-turn.
Sacking troops.
Aircraft carriers; Joint Strike Force.
May found guilty of contempt of court.
May muddled up days.
May cocked up deportations.
Jubilee workers sleeping under bridge.
Olympic security fiasco.
Dave: personal photographer and film maker paid by taxpayers.
Ofstead snap inspections.
Financial inclusion Funds.
World service cuts.
Mobility benefit in care homes cuts.
Means testing suspects in custody for Benefit cuts.
Nothing done to rein in banks.
Danny Alexander's pension plans.
Weekly rubbish collection.
50% cut from sentence for guilty plea.
American backed private Universties.
Scrapping Chief Coroner.
Secret trials.
Video games Tax u=turn
We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. – Aesop
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