Primary Sources

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Primary Sources

Post by PaulfromYorkshire »

FTN correspondents are accomplished in getting to the truth through the use of primary sources. This is an attempt to compile a useful list of such sources, to encourage others to use them more widely.

Feel free to add your though replies below. Then I can compile them in due course.

For example, I regularly check" onclick=";return false; - all official government reports, searchable, many very tedious, some fascinating ;-)
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Re: Primary Sources

Post by LadyCentauria »

Another useful source (which @HindleA led me to) is the Commons Library: ... onslibrary

You can find all sorts of papers, briefings, written answers to Parliamentary questions here. When someone stands up in Parliament and refers to the answer/paper which I placed in the Commons Library this morning, well this is where it will be, along with much, much more. Most of if is accessible online by the public as well as MPs, Lords, their staff, and constituency case-workers. Some of what they hold has not yet been digitised but there is a guide available explaining how those documents can be accessed in person at the library.
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