Labour’s commitment to disabled people

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Labour’s commitment to disabled people

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Re: Labour’s commitment to disabled people

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Well for a start Labour has promised to repeal the Bedroom Tax. So at least those who need a carer to stay sometimes will be able to have that.

And as for "living in hope", well, Ms May who has stymied to many inquiries into the paedophile scandal by "appointing" anyone and everyone who might have an interest in it not working now "hopes" that those then in public office who might now come forward will trust her "hope" that they won't be penalised for now doing so. So I don't think she's fully for the inquiry. Can't think why.
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Re: Labour’s commitment to disabled people

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It's a start and probably a good one. It doesn't go as far as I'd like but begins to recognise that disabled people and those who are chronically sick have value and a sense of worth even when we don't work at a job/career/vocation for pay.

I want to see PIP 'paused' like UC is to be, and preferably either halted or 'rolled back' to reflect the structure (2 mobility component levels and 3 care levels) and the descriptors (mostly) of DLA. I want to see the ILF restored and fully ring-fenced. I want Access To Work to work properly and to fund people for what they need to do their jobs, not just go part of the way and then suddenly leave people in the lurch with no interpreter/support-worker/taxi because it's run out.

Speaking from a London-centric viewpoint, I want to be able to get on a tube train at Hammersmith (which is a very accessible station) and then get off at the nearest station to where I'm going, rather than just at the 'nearest' properly accessible station and then have to get buses or taxis back or onward to where I need/want to be. With all the palaver, it's usually simpler (and often quicker) just to travel by bus – most of which are accessible, with drivers who are amenable to operating the ramp!

From the wider viewpoint, I want to know that I am able to get on any bus (or train) in any part of the UK. It's ludicrous that not all buses are fully accessible, yet. Trains, I can understand somewhat. But not buses, fer fuck's sake!
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