Chuka Umunna

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Chuka Umunna

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Chuka Umunna to run for Labour leader -

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Own web page -

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Will add video soon as its up on YouTube
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Re: Chuka Umunna

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Quotes from Chukka (1) ... c-congress
I am a proud trade union member. Out of choice and out of conviction. I don’t come from a family with a history of labour trade union activism.

The reason my entrepreneur father supported this movement – in fact his hero was Harold Wilson – was simple: this movement gave him a chance. The reason those racist signs came down and my father got his opportunity was because of the trade unionists and Labour Governments leading the charge for equalities legislation in the 60s and 70s. That, Congress, is why I’m so proud to be speaking here today.

Just as I am clear that you can’t be pro-worker if you don’t back the businesses that create decent jobs; you cannot be pro-business if you constantly attack the rights and representative organisations of the people who work in our businesses.

But we need unions to be engaged not just in times of dispute or crisis. But much earlier, in a continuous discussion, shaping the process of change. Working with our businesses to transform themselves, harness new technologies and compete with India, China and beyond.

So at the level of each firm, we must be ready for these kinds of discussion – as I know you are – and we need employers engaging with you, including you in this process. Promoting investment in people and the business, so we are producing goods and services each business can sell to the world. I am clear: adding value is what this movement does for our economy.
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Re: Chuka Umunna

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From the Independent.

Chukka is the last thing a Labour Government needs. ... 47245.html
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Re: Chuka Umunna

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Light relief in the Labour leadership contest. A little known (?) factoid is that Chuka Umunna was a chorister at Southwark Cathedral and his soaring-soprano voice can be heard on this television theme song:
For those who cannot see embedded video:
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